Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Learning Curve

A while back I was asked to do some upholstery work for some family-of-family (you know like a friend-of-a-friend deal). Something I have never done before: 4 cushion slipcovers with piping and zippers. I had the existing seat cushions, but the back part, I had to make from scratch. I took apart one of the existing slipcovers to make a pattern from it, and left the other one to be able to go back and look at the construction of it.

Did I mention it was velvet? It's very hard to sew with, because it's very easily crushed and once it's crushed's crushed, you can't undo crushed velvet. So you get this mottled look on the fabric.

Oh, and the piping? I had never made piping before. That part was okay, but then getting it to look right once I got the whole thing together was a challenge. After ripping apart the puckered seams for the 10th time, I was nearly in tears and beginning to foam at the mouth. Deep breath. Little prayer. Calm.

When I let my mind think about the entire project ahead of me, I started to stress out, but if I just thought about one small step at a time, It was okay. And prayer, ....prayer helps everything - yes, even sewing! (My mom taught me that!)Well, as soon as I finished the first slipcover I fit it onto the cushion and when I went to zip it up....pop! The zipper broke.

GARBAGE! (that's my dad's favorite swear word.)

For a first timer, I think they turned out relatively well. (As long as you don't examine the zippers in the back too closely! After starting the project I noticed that the fabric was quite faded in some areas, thankfully my client didn't mind and thought it gave the pieces a vintage feel. She was happy with them and in the end, that's what's important.

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