Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thrifting Finds

I love to go to thrift stores! I don't get to go very often, but today I was driving by one and thought I'll just run in really quick! Whenever I go, I always check the linens section for fabrics or vintage linens, I have never really seen anything. That is until today.......

I just love this vintage pillowcase! It only cost me $.75 and the vintage ric-rac which according to the original packaging sold for $.15 in it's day, cost me $.25. I had to laugh at that one! The embroidery stitching must have taken the owner hours and hours. Each stitch is perfect. The colors are so cool and soothing. The edge is finished with scalloped tatting. So sweet. It has a few small stains, but nothing that a little oxyclean can't handle. I love the color of the ric-rac. I will have to find a special project worthy of it, possibly an apron......keep watching to see!

You will probably laugh at me for this one, but the pillowcase smells so good! Of course I will wash it before we use it, but it smells like it just came off someone's clothes line. Then, I think, I will use it for MissP's bed.

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