Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Process

I had an order for 2 aprons so last week I quickly put together some new designs and just love how they turned out! I thought I would share my process for designing an apron. I like to start with a base fabric and 2-3 simple complimenting fabrics. I was given free reign on color choices and pattern.


Most of the fabric I use is purchased at JoAnne Fabrics, but when I can't find something that inspires my project, I check out the quilt stores, they usually have a wider selection and carry more of the "designer" fabrics. After I gather the fabrics for the project, I sit down to sketch out a design. When I'm happy with the design, I decide which fabrics I will use where and add in a rough sketch of the fabric so I can get a visual of what it will look like.


I start cutting out each piece in it's chosen fabric. I didn't use a pattern for this one, I just made it up as I went. I cut as much as I can using my rotary cutter and mat, it goes much quicker than with scissors.


After all the pieces are cut out, In my mind, I seperate the piece into 3 sections: bodice, torso, and skirt. Sometime I have to write out each step of the process so I don't forget to do something and have to rip out a seam. (For this apron I was going to add a loop to hang a dish towel on, but I forgot to add it to my steps. Oops! By the time I remembered, it was too late!) I complete one section at a time and when they're all done, I sew them together.

Here's the finished product:


Sometimes when I am in the middle of sewing a project I tweak the fabric choice a bit or add a little something. Here, I switched the pocket to the other side and I think I switched the neck ties fabric. I also came up with this pocket detailing from one of my favorite shirts that has this ruffle all the way down the front. It's so simple, but I love it.


Here's an upclose view of the front:

Do you see that little piece of red thread sitting there. It's bugging the heck out of me, I just wanna reach my hand through the monitor and pick it off! Ugh!


So there you have it! It's probably not the normal process of a pattern designer, but it works for me!

Here's the other half of that apron order:



Thanks to my sistas to being such fabulous models!

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